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into a super pac to influence an election. that has never happened before in that kind of white. that is the historic point. -- that has never happened before in that kind of way. president obama has a very strong opinion about campaign finance. he did not like the super pacs. for a long time there was no sort of presidential blessing for a super pac to exist. so, we were late to the game. priorities, which is a super pac that supports barack obama, was late to form and late to get started and late to raise money, more importantly. it was started by two gentlemen, charles sweeney and bill burton, who came out of the white house. -- >> we need served as the chief
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of staff to rahm emanuel, the single worst person to serve. and t

Corporate Money In Campaigns
CSPAN October 6, 2012 3:58pm-4:00pm EDT

Series/Special. The effects of the Citizens United decision on campaign spending in 2012 with former Federal Elections Commission Chairman Trevor Potter. New.

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